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answerMED - Best Dentist Office in Augusta, GA

Dental care takes a primary role in health prevention. As your dentist in Augusta, GA, we take pride of being one of the most educated, experienced and technically advanced dentist office in city of Augusta, GA.

From preventive dentistry where your teeth will be examined using the latest dental equipment and techniques to prevent possible health problems; to general, cosmetic and emergency dentistry – for your entire family.

Over the course of time and based on our experience in a dental medicine, we’ve developed a PAIN-FREE—Procedures-Method™ for every dental procedure we provide you with. The reason behind the development of this particular method lies behind the fact that most people take visit to the dentist office as a discomfort to say the least.

Benefits of Our PAIN-FREE-Procedures-Method™

  • The feeling of discomfort disappears after initial visit to our dentist office in Augusta GA
  • Dental procedure without any feeling of pain are more successful and yields longer lasting results
  • Pediatric Dentistry benefits mostly from our pain-free method as children don’t avoid regular visits to the dentist, making your life that much easier.

Family Dentistry in Augusta, GA

Family Dentistry Augusta, GA One dentist office in Augusta for the entire family.

If you need teeth whitening or want to check the health of the gums and teeth of your young ones, our specialized staff of general, cosmetic and pediatric dentists will lead you and your child through the entire process.

We’ve developed a special approach toward young ones as we are well aware of the fact that they all have a certain animosity when it comes to teeth examination and dentistry in general.

Take your child with you next time you arrive to our office and watch how answerMED pediatric dentist slowly relaxes your child and take care of his or her health while removing that sense of fear.

By using our special pain-free method, your child will grow with the healthy gums and teeth; probably one of the most important aspects of their health.

Additional Services in Pediatric Dentistry our Office Provides For You:

  • Prevention dentistry as the crucial step in your child’s health – our pediatric dentist will explain to your child how to take care of his teeth properly
  • Providing you and your child with the best possible dental care tools (electric brushes, tooth floss, fluoride-based compounds and similar)
  • Detailed education of your young one in a dental care because we know the power of “because”.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Augusta, GA

Maybe one of the most searched-for services in a dental profession today is a cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry in Augusta GA, same as worldwide, offers special treatments to make your smile irresistible.

Our dental office provides you with the most effective methods in cosmetic dentistry used today. We use only the best compounds and materials so the end result is a completely natural smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Our Office Involves:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Bonding
  • Bite Reclamation
  • Tooth Reshaping
  • Dental Bridges
  • Gum Lifting
  • Veneers Implementation and many other services..

Techniques and procedures of a teeth whitening in Augusta GA differentiate from office to office. Our medical staff undergoes constant education while our suppliers make sure we work with only the latest science has to offer.

General and Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentist Augusta, GA As your Augusta GA dentist, our leading clinician, Dr. Richmond, an experienced general and emergency dentist, is here for you every time you feel the sudden visit to the dentist is necessary.

Dr. Richmond and his expert colleagues will examine your gums and your teeth and develop a strategy. This is done mainly because we want to make sure you don’t feel and kind of discomfort or even a slightest feeling of pain.

Through careful planning, after a precise diagnose, we are able to fix the problem in a short period of time and take steps in prevention of the health of your gums and teeth.

We have to state something here. Whenever it is possible, our clinicians will make every effort to save your tooth, no matter how badly damaged it might be. If that isn’t possible, you’ll be provided with the detailed guidance of how to replace a missing tooth through implants.

Prosthodontist will make all necessary arrangements and guide you through the process. Even so you’ve lost your tooth; it doesn’t mean you can’t have your smile back.

Don’t worry. We put smile on your face, visit after visit. Pain FREE and most effective dental procedures you’ll come across in Augusta GA – that’s answerMED.

What Our Clients Say:

  • I had to have a lot of work done to my teeth last month, both mandatory and cosmetic and I'm very satisfied with the result. I have never been a huge fan of the dentist office, but the staff goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and the dentist is really fast and really skilled so you're in and out in not time. Overall I'm very satisfied and plan to be a long time patient at answerMED!!

    Michael J.
  • This is by far the best dentist Augusta has to offer!! A good friend of mine recently referred me to AnswerMed and this has been the best decision I've made in years. Where should I start?? The staff is excellent. Very fast appointments and unbelievable customer service. The dentist was amazing and very experienced! There was no pain or discomfort at any point! This is how EVERY dentist office should be! Great job answerMED! Keep up the good work!

    Jessica M.

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